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Serbia , Friday 23 February 2018

News Serbia » Nisava District: Vision FC appoint Serbian Bujagic as new coach

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Publication date: Friday 04 December 2015

Goal understands that Bujagic signed the contract with Osekre in the Serbian city of Nis in the district of Nisava on December 4. The coach is expected to arrive in Ghana on the December 9.

News Serbia » Nisava District: Just your everyday heroes! Group of Serbian men clamber down bridge, wade through river and hoist each other back to dry land... all to rescue a stranded puppy

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Publication date: hursday 29 January 2015

On January 16 in Serbia, a man called Zoran Pavlovic, was heading home to meet a few friends. When he got there, they told him that there was a small dog stranded on one of the Nisava river islands. Although Pavlovic and his friends headed over in ...