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Serbia , Friday 23 February 2018

News Serbia » Jablanica: Gornja Jablanica, Serbia 10 Day Weather

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Publication date: Friday 02 February 2018

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News Serbia » Jablanica: Chernomyrdin persists in quest for Kosovo peace

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Publication date: hursday 27 May 1999

Earlier, the Beta news agency reported that two people were killed and two wounded when a bridge over the Jablanica river in Lebane district in southern Serbia was attacked. As the Kosovo conflict drags on, the refugee crisis continues to unfold Local ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Father of victim testfies in Haradinaj trial

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Publication date: hursday 09 July 1998

Witness Ded Krasniqi from Peć described his efforts to find out what happened to his son who had gone in July 1998 to the Jablanica headquarters, wishing to join the KLA. On July 10, 1998, Catholic Albanian Pal Krasniqi went to the Jablanica HQ ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Trump Inauguration Arrest: Former Kosovo Prime Minister Detained In France En Route To President-Elect's Event

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Publication date: Wednesday 04 January 2017

He was detained in 2015 by Slovenian police executing a 2006 Interpol arrest warrant at the request of Serbia. He was released two days ... and ethnic Albanians at the KLA-run detention center in Jablanica in 1998. He currently leads the opposition ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Bosnia: Lake Jablanica disappeared, ecologists protest

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Publication date: onday 06 February 2017

(ANSA) - SARAJEVO - An artificial lake, fed by the waters of the river Neretva, stretching for about 30 km between Konjic and Jablanica, south of Sarajevo, has disappeared: piles of sand and mud with a little stream in the middle is all that remains of ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Cross-Border Projects with Serbia Launched

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Publication date: Wednesday 23 November 2016

The programme covers seven areas in Bulgaria: Vidin, Vratsa, Montana, Sofia-district, Sofia -city, Pernik, Kyustendil and seven areas in Serbia: Bor, Zaječar, Nišava, Topolnica, Jablanica and Pčinja.

News Serbia » Jablanica: Orthodox Christmas and New Year: How Christian communities celebrate the festive season

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Publication date: Wednesday 06 January 2016

St Vasilij's Day is celebrated during the day and has been marked for more than 14 centuries, particularly in the small town of Vevcani, situated at the south-western range at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range. In Serbia, fireworks are set off from ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Bosnia floods unearth wartime mass grave; victims believed to be Muslim Bosniaks from Jablanica

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Publication date: uesday 03 June 2014

Devastating floods across Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia last month struck particularly ... "We assume the victims are Bosniaks from the nearby village Jablanica, the men aged from 19 to 57," Ms Cengic said as bulldozers removed mud from the river bank and ...

News Serbia » Jablanica: Medvednik mountain , Serbia

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Publication date: uesday 25 November 2014

Medvednik Mountain (1247m) is located in the center of the mountain ... In the east, peaking Obnica and Jablanica, components of Kolubara. On the northern slopes of the source of Sails, which flows into the Drina. A special attraction is the creek that ...